It is known as documentary photography that faithfully represents and freezes a fragment of reality. Although documentary photography can respond to several broad definitions, the most widespread concept to which our unconscious is accustomed is that documentary photography is born with the intention of translating reality into a fixed image.

As a scientist I learned the importance of being able to transmit the information learned in each investigation; With documentary photography, I found a very strong tool when it comes to seeing and understanding every step, process, event and / or moment that is part of a story, project, research, work that you want to register in a defined time and space.

With XQUALO I have been fortunate to dedicate most of my time and experience to this great kind of photography and with it to learn from diverse subjects, cultures, professions, arts, etc…

XQUALO has the necessary equipment to carry out its productions with the best quality and efficiency. Knowing a large part of the territory has allowed me to make decisions in locations that have resulted in facilitating the experience for my clients and that can take better advantage of resources and time. Now, as a professional diver and underwater photographer, I offer my services to important research, engineering, environmental and archaeological projects in Colombian. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help to document your project and take advantage of having a person with knowledge in travel logistics.