Commercial photography is what could be considered a mixture of pre-production, production and post-production techniques to culminate with a final product that is attractive for sale or offer a service.

This type of photography is not always committed to reality, so you can see manipulations of all kinds in order to get a powerful and clear message about the viewer who can be motivated by an image that represents a constructed reality.

A photographic production requires elements, talents and ideas that go beyond a simple home image lacking in creativity and good taste; Such talents as: production, art design (creative staff), makeup (people, food, products), lighting, photography, direction, retouching and post-production.

To make a product look good it is necessary to know the properties of the material with which it has been made and its reactions with light. At XQUALO we take care of every detail.

We know how important it is for your company to present your products, so we will use all the possibilities and resources of lighting, techniques and visual language to get accurate and high quality photographs.