XQUALO, the name was born many years ago as my nickname for video games. It all started with my fascination with sharks, and I discovered that squalo was generally called this group of fish. What began as a squalo ended up being XQUALO creating a kind of acronym that stands for X = extreme, QUAL = quality, O = overall; this means the passion for photography and the results I always look for.

In 2009 I, Juan Pablo Assmus, decided that XQUALO will be the name for my commercial photography, my brand. It was that year, When as an artist I had the incredible experience of performing my photographic exhibitions in the USA and in my country COLOMBIA, when I decided to venture into commercial photography and experience a new path within this beautiful art of having fun with light.

First shooting documentary photography for scientific researchers and musicologists in different places in USA and COLOMBIA; and then exploring and working in the world of editorial photography for over 3 years.

In 2013 was set up an studio for commercial photography. Now I try to focus my work only on the areas that give me personal satisfaction as a photographer.


2012 American Photography Association Award. APA (American Photography Association APA) annual membership award.

2011 Invited to give a talk at Palatino Shopping Center; the talk was about nature photography: "Experiences and anecdotes from field work of a wildlife photographer".

2011 Invited as exhibitor and jury of the photography contest at the National Encounter of Ornithology.

2010 Finalist in the national contest "Revela Colombia 2010", a contest with more than 2000 participants, where the 100 best images were selected to represent Colombia's tourisms campaigns for 2011.

2009 The American magazine specialized in photography SHUTTERBUG MAGAZINE cataloged me as the best website of the month. A review of the work and criticism was made by one of the most recognized photographers in the United States, being co-editor of the magazine. Read article.

2009 First place in the photographic bird contest at the National Encounter of Bird Watchers of Colombia.


2016 Documentary Photography in the book "Catálogo de pulpos de aguas someras de la bahía de Taganga,
 Sector Tayrona, Caribe sur". Dr. Jürgen Guerrero-Kommritz et al.

2015 Photography Documentary in the work of: Dr. Jürgen Guerrero-Kommritz & Stefanie Camelo-Guarin. “Two new octopod species (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) from the southern Caribbean” Marine Biodiversity, October 2015.

2013 Documentary photography in the book: CUMBIA! Scenes of a Migrant Latin American Music Genre / Edited by Hécor Fernandez L'Hoeste and Pablo Vila. Duke University Press. Chapter 2:¿Pa' donde va Marioneta? ¿Pa' donde va la gaita? The Cumbiamba eNeYé returns to San Jacinto. Written by Dr. Jorge Arévalo-Mateus during the expedition following the Marioneta group and his participation in the 17th Festival Nacional Autóctono de Gaitas in San Jacinto.

2010 Editorial Photography for the local newspaper "NUEVA CIUDAD" (year 03, number 14 Mayo-Junio) “Homo sapiens, sabio realmente?” Photographs and author of the ecological note for this publication.

2010 Editorial Photography for the book Reveals Colombia 2010. Book for the second national contest of tourism photography. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia for the Colombian tourist promotion fund.

2010 Documentary photography in the booklet “El cultivo de la ostra de agua dulce en el embalse de Betania" In: Colombia.  ed:  ISBN: 978-958-44-6867-3  v. 0 pags. 20

2010 Documentary in: "La Cumbiamba eNeYé: Gaita praxis, transnationalism, and transformation," a chapter a my PhD dissertation: "Performing Colombianity / Colombianness in New York City at the turn of the Twenty-first Century: An Ethnography of Music Performance , Transnationalism, and Violence as Metaphor "(Wesleyan University, 2010).

2010 Editorial and Commercial Photography for the magazine Nocturno Colombia. Several productions were made and several events were covered for publication in the magazine during the years 2010 and 2011.

2008 Fotorgafía Documentary in "Pa dónde vas Marioneta? Pa donde va la Gaita?" The Cumbiamba eNeYé returns to San Jacinto, "an essay in an edited volume about cumbia and globalism (as yet untitled), to be published by University of Georgia Press (forthcoming).

2008 Documentary photography for the Gaiteros de NY Project. Photographic record for an ethnomusicology research at the University of Wesleyan, U.S.A..


2009 October-December.  TRIDENTE EXHIBITION. Solo exhibition of three photographic projects in the Gallery Gabriel Betancourt Mejía of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional; Bogota COLOMBIA.

2009 August AFRICAN HERITAGE EXHIBITION. Solo exhibition of a sample of photographs taken in Colombia of our Afro culture, which is very rich; Was presented at the MAC650 gallery in Middletown CT · USA.